Text Comparison on UD8 not working properly.

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   I have a dimension (UD5), the base embers of which I tag  with a certain text "TEST1". I am trying to create a dynamic hierarchy in UD8 by reading those texts as Text1.  I would like to use this dynamic hierarchy as  a report filter. 

For some reason this is not working. I have no formula or BR to do any processing. Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Indi,

I'm not following exactly what you're doing. You could create a dynamic member list in the business rule, imposing as a condition the value in the text attribute and then use the member list as you want.

Another option is to use dynamicCalc members in UD8 but, again, you'd have to write the code for, for instance, make invalid all cells which don't have the requirement.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Carlos,

But if I have the UD5 as the Related Dimension to the Dynamic Calc and have the Text comparison property one would I still have to write code? Also would you have some sample of that code please?


Thank You.


Hi Indu, 

Could you please share some screenshots about the subjects you're mentionning to?

Thank you.

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Could you let us know a bit more precisely what is "not working"? I guess you're trying to specify a filter. Can you post the filter you've tried?

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Hi @IBK ,

Here is an example of how to get to that UD5 Text 8 property to display it as an annotation in a Cube View.  This is a UD8 dynamic calc:  If you want to display the Text in a Cube View, make sure the data cell POV is using V#Annotation to display a String value.


You can also apply a .Where clause in your Cube View row expansion:  This will give you a dynamic list of UD5 members on a Row, where the Text8 = 'Test1'.


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Thank You for all the inputs. I was unable to post yesterday but I had set the U8 member as Dynamic Calc and I should have left it as  Not Used. 

Everything works just fine now.



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Hi Mike,

Thank You for that tip as well. But I am building a filter out of the UD5 dimension just based on grouping the Text1. This filter is used for another report.

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