Want to change column width

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Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 8.33.19 PM.png

I am trying to get both columns (April 30, 2022 and April 30, 2021) to spread out a bit in the report shown above. I would also like to center ASSETS when my columns are not so close to the middle of the page.


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Community Manager

Hi. I guess you're producing this with a Cube View, so have a look at the Column Width setting to the right of the screenshot:


If you can't find it in Designer mode because of a small screen, you can access it from the Advanced mode instead in the Header Format property (bottom-right corner here):


As for Assets, I'm not sure how you produced that row, but the answer is probably a Conditional Formatting clause. I don't think you can detect "when my columns are not so close to the center", but you can set a minimum width for the row headers to push them further to the right in a reliable way.

I hope this helps a bit, otherwise you might want to ask Support.