xlbook - Open through the Excel Add in?

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Is it possible to open an ".xfdoc.xlBook" directly through the excel add in?  It shows the file within the file explorer but will not let me open.  I can open .xls or other shared files, but it doesn't let me open a book?  The report book does render fine through the client (it pushes it to excel).  However, I would like my end users to just grab the xlbook through the add in versus having to go through the client.





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Community Manager

This is currently not possible, sadly. If you look at the File Explorer in the Client, when you right-click on a book, it says "Process and Open" - the server has to do some work on the book before it can be pushed to Excel. Even from the built-in Spreadsheet page, if you try to Open -> From XF FileSystem, you cannot select a book (notice they are greyed out).


You can contact Support and ask them to file it as a feature request. Sorry!