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Calc values in forecast scenario by referencing S#Actual, V#Trailing12MonthAvg

New Contributor III

I have a forecast scenario S#AugFcst_7_5 with the following properties:

WF Time = 2023M7

WF start time = 2023M1

WF end time = 2024M12

# no input periods = 7

I have a Finance business rule function that is being initiated using a dashboard button in the workflow.  The dashboard button calls DM Sequence/step where data units are defined as WFScenario and T#root.WFTimePeriods, business rule = FPA, function name = ttmaverage

In the function (ttmaverage) I am limiting the calculation to only the base periods of 2024 and I want it to calculate V#Periodic by looking at S#Actual, V#Trailing12MonthAvg, T#2023M6

I receive the following error when executing it:


I believe the error is because I want it to calculate off S#Actual, T#2023M6, V#Trailing12MonthAvg and that includes time periods that fall outside the range of my WF scenario AugFcst_7_5.

I tested this by changing the formula to look at S#Actual, T#2023M6, V#Trailing6MonthAvg and the calculation works but obviously does not give me what I need.  If I use V#Trailing7MonthAvg or greater then it fails.

How can I calculate periodic values for S#AugFcst_7_5, 2024 base time periods from S#Actual, T#2023M6, V#Trailing12MonthAvg but still have my S#AugFcst_7_5 WF start time as 2023M1?



Valued Contributor

Try changing the "UD5#SalesArea_AR" to "U5#SalesArea_AR"

New Contributor III

I originally thought that was the issue also but it still did not work when I did that.  See below test I ran.  


I currently have as UD5# and the calculation works but only if I have V#Trailing6MonthAvg or something less than 6.


New Contributor III

UPDATE:  my co-worker pointed me to the following post

I am not using data buffers but this post leads me to believe data buffers or not there is an issue with using TrailingxMon in a business rule where it can not cross years.  I will provide an update once I try the workaround in the referenced post.