Connector Business Rule with input parameters ?

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Dear community,

I currently have a Business Rule connector that works fine. However, I would like to pass a parameter from a dashboard into the SQL query of the connector. This is because the user should load a set of data but they can decide which "slice" of data to use. Hence, the connector should filter the data, and then I need to pass an input parameter to my SQL query within my connector.

Any possible way to do that ?



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Hey Sergey.
You really mean a connector BR or a Smart Integration Function BR (SIF)?
I believe to achieve that, you need to retrieve this variable in the BR connector and then pass it on to your SIF function that will run remotely. 
You will not be able to do that from the SIF directly as it is running on a remote server. 

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The main technique to parameterize datasources is to place your values in a location that the datasource will always look up when running. For example, you could save your parameters in a text file, or in the Text property of some metadata member. When the connector runs, it looks up that text file or member property, and uses the related values.

If you make those parameters changeable by a user through dashboards, one thing you might have to keep in mind is concurrency - what happens if someone else changes those values in the time between me setting them and me launching an import? (This could well be premature optimization: in a simple situation, with only one admin, it won't be a problem. It's only if you need your system to be scalable, that you'll have to figure out some sort of security or warning mechanism.)