Copying or Calculating a translated currency value

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Hello -- 

I'm trying to isolate a data point sitting at an Account parent with USD as the currency, then copy that value to a different account.  Then, I want to use the second account to seed another in different scenario and account structure, where it will NOT translate (plan to use flow dimension to accomplish that part).

For the first part of this, I'm trying to hold the USD value by inserting into another account.

api.Data.Calculate("A#BPA_InvestSubs_USD:C#USD = A#InvestmentSubsidiaries:C#USD")

Is something like this possible?  I'm getting an error about invalid destination when I attempt to consolidate.  Is an Eval needed instead?  What might one look like for this if so?

I'm new to OneStream - appreciate any tips and thoughts.

Thank you!



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You cannot save data for a Currency that is not the Entity currency using Calculate.

If you want to explicitly trigger translation, you can use api.Data.Translate(), or run Data Management jobs to perform the translation, but to be honest, in this case there is no need for BPA_InvestSubs_USD at all; just let the system translate and pull from S#Scenario1:A#InvestmentSubsidiaries:C#USD when you need it in "Scenario2".


you have to do something like this

if = "USD" then"A#BPA_InvestSubs_USD:C#USD = A#InvestmentSubsidiaries")

End If