Custom calculate BR not triggering from DM step.

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hi ,


Suddenly the custom calculate BR is not getting called from the DM step. The error log statements which added inside the custom calculate BR are not logged in as well. Below is the rule and the DM step.







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Perhaps you're not seeing what you expect to see in the log.  Your "Throw" will be "caught" by the Catch block and logged there.  However, you are logging ex.ToString which will likely produce a statement about the class type of the exception.  If you want to see "checking" appear in the log, change ex.toString to ex.Message

Better yet, just write to the log directly instead of Throwing an unnecessary exception. RobbSalzmann_3-1691584475365.png

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Hi @vijay did you add the Step to the DM Sequence?  I agree with @RobbSalzmann , just do a LogMessage right to confirm your setup.

Hope this helps.

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hi Mike ,

I tested BR with another user from my team and error log is working from his user id. ErrorLog table for my userid reaches the max limit it seems since i have added log statements inside the multiple loops on my previous logic in the rule. Just want to check whether there is max limit of log by page/rows for an user . Below is the screenshot of mine and its max out and not adding any further error log into the table.






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After clearing the error logs from errorlog table completly, still custom BR rule which triggered from DM sequence is not logging into error log. For other user with having the same access , its logging into error log.