DashboardDataSet and DashboardExtender Business rules - parameter updates not refreshing

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I am creating a dashboard with a grid view and gridview is binded to a Data Adapter which calls a business rule to get data thru an external web-api call.

Now I have to show data in Gridview and the record count on the dashboard on a button click.

I have used following settings on the button.

Screenshot 2022-12-03 200224.png

The Selection changed server task is happening first and then the data load is happening, so I am able to update the literal parameters with counts after data load but they are not reflecting on the dash board.

Screenshot 2022-12-03 200613.png

Any help appreciated.



Typically, any dynamic change to Parameters will not be reflected in visual elements that rely on them until you actually refresh the Dashboard that contains such elements. In this case I think you have to refresh the Dashboard that is set to Tabbed layout, so that it can update the tabs. EDIT: also try with Redraw instead of Refresh - refresh is somewhat partial, when facing this kind of issues one should prefer a full Redraw.

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