Editing Transformation Rules in Bulk

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Is there any way to edit Transformation Rules in Bulk?
When I try loading a trx file or xml code into the system it doesn't overwrite the rules which causes issues in someplace.
Is there a way or a template where with direct upload I can delete that transformation group and create a new one with the same name. (Example- Dimension delete template where uploading a certain xml file directly deletes some dimension members)



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I have written an Excel front end to the Transformation Rules and Profiles. You can find more information (and download) here: https://wordpress.com/page/marcushemy.wordpress.com/1194

It imports XML, TRX and FDM/FDMEE format and exports groups and profiles in XML format. It has an example script for deleting maps. The Group must already exist in the application before the XML import works. And you cannot delete a Group through the XML import only individual maps (with my script). It is free and is occasionally updated (managing profiles has just been added this month).