Get the member list from a parameter in a spreadsheet BR

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Hi all,


I need to call this parameter to get the results in a member List of a BR:


In this case, I would need to get a list with the values 6620 and 7610 in a Business rule of type spreadsheet

Please, could you help me with any function to call this parameter and get this values?

Thank you so much in advance!



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Hi @dcadenas, if your Dashboard component is a Combo Box - there is a property on the Combo Box where you should add p_Acc_Interses as the Bound Parameter.


If you're looking for a way to make that Member Filter more dynamic, consider using a Where Clause, you could use a Text Property filter like such to get to a list of Accounts you want to appear in your Combo Box.


Hope this helps,



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Hi Mike, 

Thank you for your anwser!

I need to get the member list in a business rule of type spreadsheet which would return the parameters accounts in the next way:

Dim accountList As List(Of Member) = ....