Get value of a delimited list parameter in a dynamic member

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I have a dashboard parameter of type delimited list and I want to get the value from the parameter in a dynamic UD8 member. How do I get the parameter value? If I use the following code I just get the default value of the parameter (because the parameter isn't a literal type):

Dim sValue As String = BRApi.Dashboards.Parameters.GetLiteralParameterValue(si, False, "myParameter")
brapi.ErrorLog.LogMessage(si, "sValue " & sValue)

so I need to use a method other than BRApi.Dashboards.Parameters.GetLiteralParameterValue but have no idea what and don't seem to be able to find any documentation to help find what to use.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Dynamic Calc formulas are not really meant to interact with Dashboard Parameters.

You might want to investigate Custom GetDataCell functions instead, which can receive parameters.