Intercompany Eliminations - not at First Common Parent

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Customer has intercompany transactions in local currency. They want to eliminate sales and cost of sales and have the remaining margin (in local currency) at the Sales entity - not in an elimination entity - and be able to view in local currency.  For the entity purchasing the goods, it should be zero.

Is it possible to do this in rules? Or some other way? 


thank you


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Hi doconnel: what is the end goal that the customer is after?  To do what you've suggested sounds like you'd have to come up with wonky calculations that replicate/defeat what OneStream's natural elimination funtionality already does with plug accounts.

For my company, we needed to do (and continue to do) training on how the eliminations work, and how the accounting team can use the Consolidation dimension to view most things they are after.  A layout of C#Local, C#Translated, C#Share, C#Elimination, C#Top can a powerful tool.  Granted, depending on the parent entity the currency may change, but that could also be solved with a UD8 to force everything into one currency.

This is probably not the answer you were hoping for, but I'd try and understand their end goal first, and see if you can demonstrate how out-of-the-box functionality might be able to meet their needs without needing to modify consolidation.


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So they don‘t want to eliminate the ICs at the first common parent?


The short answer is YES.  You can do this with rules, pretty easily.  In fact, you don't need to do the whole elimination calculation, you just need to tell the rules where to you want to see the elimination in the hierarchy.  Then add this line in your conditional statement...



Another option that is in some way less flexible, but uses no rules, is to make the parent entity isIC.  Then the eliminations will happen there and not at the first common parent.