Is it possible to pass a parameter to a UD8 dynamic calc member?

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Hi all

I currently have a UD8 member to do a simple variance to actuals formula, but I was wondering if it is possible pass parameters to the UD8 member formula that this could be more dynamic?


My current code looks something like this:


	'Declare base and comparison scenario variables
	Dim currentScenario As String = api.Pov.Scenario.Name
	Dim comparativeScenario As String = "Actual"
	'Define pov filters
	Dim currentFilter As String = "S#" & currentScenario & ":U8#None"
	Dim comparisonFiler As String = "S#" & comparativeScenario & ":U8#None"

	Return api.Data.GetDataCell("BWDiff("& currentFilter & "," & comparisonFiler & ")")
Catch ex As Exception
	Throw ErrorHandler.LogWrite(si, New XFException(si, ex))
End Try


However, I'm trying to see if there is a solution where I could have the following:


Dim comparativeScenario As String = |!Comparative_Scenario_Parameter!|






Hi Mark, 

You can read literal value parameters inside a dynamic calc.


I will suggest using Difference Between Columns in the Cube view itself rather than having a parameter inside a dynamic calc. 




In the above example I am using Difference Between Columns CVC to get the difference between the scenarios. The Column names are self-explanatory you can setup your cube view like shown above. This approach is dynamic and works similarly just like a dynamic calc but will be easier to maintain. In your case you can replace Difference Between Columns CVC with Column Better/Worse CVC [GetDataCell(BWDiff(CVC(Col1), CVC(Col2))):Name(BetterWorse Difference)] rest everything will remain the same.

Thanks, Omkareshwar

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Thanks, Omkareshwar
Archetype Consulting

Hi Omkareshwar,

Thanks for the response.

Literal parameters won't work as I'm looking to try pass user prompt parameters to the UD8 calc.

And the reason I don't want to do the formula as a cube view formula, is because I use the result to generate status indicators like the ones below:


The indicator is determined using a business rule based on the outcome of the variance. I would like to have a single formula for both the variance column and the status indicator to ensure that they are always consistent.

The only way that would work is if I was able to pass the result of a cube view calc to a business rule, which I don't think is possible.

If the UD8 route isn't possible, then I'll just create a business rule instead.