Is there is any separate formula avaible for the Base member to aggregate at Parent level instead of calculation

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Originally posted by Ramanathan Ganapathy

Hello All,

Currently Our Default Currency in the system is 'USD".  The system is rolling up the value correctly for the all the flow member formulas for USD.  We also defined additional currencies in the system and for that the base value is not rolling up to the parent. 


Is there is any formula available for us to use for the Parent to do the aggregation instead of Translation?


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Hi Ram

If you use foreign currency flow members, they are only valid intersections at base level and you can't consolidate them.

In case you are not using foreign currency flow members, or as a work around (you need to change the flow back to standard) you can use a member formula or a custom currency conversion to force a translation with an exchange rate of 1.

I hope this helps and regards