Load data from custom table into Import step of workflow

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I have created the custom table and loaded the records into it using the Finance BR. Finance BR is called by the DM step and now i have to read the custom table records and render  into the import step of the workflow on clicking the load and transform button . Any steps on this is appreciated.







Create a Connector Data Source which you add to your WF. That specifies a Connector Business Rule to execute which returns the data table containing your data.

The BR has 2 sections you need to fill in: GetFieldList and GetData. And then you need to specify the ProcessData command - you might build the return data table using SQL or through script. This post has a bit more info:



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I tried the above , data is returned from the custom table ,But am getting the below error in the transformation rule even though i have the year 2024 and Forecast_Working in the TR.

Summary: No valid DataKeys (Scenario / Time) found in data source. Review the source data load processing log and check one-to-one transformation rules to ensure that you have created proper Scenario and Time dimension rules for this data source.




That error means that the import process cannot identify what scenario and/or time period the data should be imported to. You have either not included the Scenario and/or Period in the source template or you have not added the Transformation Rules for the Source Scenario and/or Period.

It is always better to look at the xfl file from here.


That will give you a better idea on what is going on.

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Yes am about to share it. After makign some changes to TR , the log has the rows loaded . But am not seeing the rows in the import section.  Not sure whether the custom table data can be loaded into the staging table of import. 



Do you see data in the validate tab? maybe your file is having a different time and scenario and it is loading to that workflow?

As Celvin says check that you are on the correct workflow POV.

Have a look at this message it might highlight if your setup is incorrect: