Mass Delete Members below Orphan

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I'm looking for an option to mass delete members marked as ORPHANS in a dimension, I tried few options but if there is any data in the application for any of these ORPHAN members the delete fails

Wanted to know if there is a work around or another way to achieve this & also to know if we can delete member without clearing the data


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"if there is any data in the application for any of these ORPHAN members the delete fails"

That is by design; you cannot delete members that contain data.  If you want to delete these members you need to clear the data from them first.


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Cleared the data now to delete these members

Was trying to get the parent member ID for one of the orphan members ID and then wanted to delete all the members below that parent member ID. But somehow the below output returns blank, looks like ORPHAN members doesn't have any parent ID even though they are grouped in one place in the hierarchy 

Is there a way to identify the ORPHAN members?

Dim objDimPk As DimPk = BRApi.Finance.Dim.GetDimPk(si, "Location")
Dim objDimDisplayOptions As New DimDisplayOptions()
Dim objList As List(Of Member) = BRApi.Finance.Members.GetParents(si, objDimPk, objID, False, objDimDisplayOptions)
brapi.ErrorLog.LogMessage(si, objList(0).tostring)

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I currently done have any data for the members under the Orphan member. How do I mass delete those in one shot? Seems like a no brainer but the functionality doesn't exist in app...?

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Hi ysaead: you can use the Application Load/Extract functionality to load an XML file that tells OS to delete your target members.  I couldn't find my documentation on this, but the XML file generally looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<OneStreamXF version="">
<dimension type="Account" name="YourAccountDimensionName">
<member name="SomeAccountMemberName" action="delete"/>

...repeat the above for more members


is there a business rule to generate a list of Account members in the Orphan folder?