Multiple Currency Overrides

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This was posted originally in 2019 and added to Office Hours in 2021. Please See below for follow-up question:

Question:  Is it possible to have a historical override for a single account, but for multiple currencies?  If I have an equity account which I would like to have a USD override amount, a GBP override amount, etc.  On the Override account settings, I can only choose 1 currency.  How can I resolve this?


  • Yes, this is possible but on your closing balance Flow member, you will have to use a rule instead of the “Source Member for Alternate Input Currency” property, since as stated in the question, you can only choose one member here.
  • The flow would look something like this:
    • Opening
    • Activity
    • FX
    • Closing
  • This member would have a rule that uses this logic:

If base entity and foreign currency then

  If currency is EUR, then = Override_EUR

  If currency is GBP, then = Override_GBP, etc…

End If

    • Overrides (one for each potential currency you need)
      • Override_EUR
      • Override_GBP


  • Override_USD


Follow-up question

What specific properties need to be on the Closing Balance / EndBalInput (whatever) member?  Having a formula on that member indicates not needing the “Translate using Alternate Input Currency, Input Local” flow processing type.  This makes sense.

Multiple currency overrides are not very prevalent (at least in the last 3-4 years so a little rusty).  I worked with a partner to help them get theirs set up – they ultimately had to enable the Flow Processing Type on the EndBalInput member using an All_Overrides member plus the formula. 

In a new separate instance, the exact same formula (with different members) is not working either with or without the Flow Processing Type.  Thinking it might just be a property – thoughts?


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Answer:  Translate Using Alternate Input Currency, Input Local is not needed on Closing Balance / EndBalInput member.