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Could someone please direct me on where I can find documentation or training on how OneStreamEmail works?  How it can be implemented, authentication used, etc.?  I can't find anything when searching Design and reference guide.   


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Hi @allanaklepko 

This OneStreamEmail is set up on the back end on the server itself by OneStream. It is used when OneStream server send an email. 
If you are on PREM, you can add your own email credential by using the OneStream Server Configuration tool.  You will need to define a new server connection as an EMAIL and provide the connection string that goes with it (ID, Password,port...)
If you are on CLOUD, I am not sure if you can have your own SMPT server defined there. If no one in this community as the answer, you could ask support directly.
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Thanks Nicolas, we are on SaaS.

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It's in the Installation and Configuration Guide, not the Design one. Email connections are configured like database connections, just setting the Provider Type as EMAIL. The connection syntax is also in the guide - just search for "SMTP" and you'll find it, in the section that also tells you how to encrypt it.

Once that's set up, the relevant solutions can use it transparently, and you can leverage it from rules with BRApi.Utilities.SendMail, which is documented in the helper tree.

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Thanks Jack, where can I access Installation and Configuration Guide?  I searched in the customer portal knowledge search and could not find it.  

Download the on-prem Server and Documentation package from the Platform section of Solution Exchange, you'll find it in there.

Thanks Jack, i will take a look.  But our prod is not on prem.  

Then you don't need to worry about configuration, if you want to change anything just let Support know the new details and they'll do what has to be done. When you want to send email, just use the SendMail function you find in the helper tree 😎

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