Parent Entity Data Copy to New Child Entity Member

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Hi @OSAdmin 

We have a use case where the existing base entity members will be removed from the parent entity and the data of existing base entity member or the parent entity member needs to be copied into the new base entity that will be created under it, is there a way we can achieve this within cube through Business Rules or Data Mapping after metadata updates are applied and without asking users to update/adjust manually 

The above can happen with multiple parent child combinations.


Before Metadata Change Hierarchy

A (Parent entity) - Data - 40 

    A1 (Base entity 1) - Data - 30

    A2 (Base entity 2) - Data - 10


After Metadata Change Hierarchy

A (Parent entity) - Data - 40 

    A3 (Base entity 3) - Data - 40


    A1 (Base entity 1) - Data - 30

    A2 (Base entity 2) - Data - 10



Vishal Pai


You could do it using a business rule, get a data buffer on the parent entities. then find the children of the parents from or memberid, use a memberscriptvalue to move to a different dataunit. then consolidate.

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If you don't want to use rules, you could do something like this:

  1. Pipe a Data Management extract job into an Import workflow, to copy and aggregate data from A1 to A2 into the newly created A3
  2. Verify all the data is there (all values in A should be doubled)
  3. Delete data pointing to A1 and A2. Now all values in A should be back to the correct state
  4. Orphan A1 and A2.

Remember that you cannot orphan members that contain data. Just switch the "In Use" property to False if you cannot remove data from them, without orphaning them.