Possible to override USD value on a USD Entity so that C#Local != C#USD?

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Hi All-

we have a situation where we are receiving two separate ledgers, one in Local currency and one in USD. The USD ledger includes adjustment and revaluation effects on several accounts in addition to translation. For non-USD entities we are just utilizing the Flow dimension and a USD Override base member to store the USD value, with a business rule to override the USD translated value with the USD value from the second ledger.

For USD entities this isn't working, and we get a formula error if we try to force C#Local to differ from C#USD. Is it possible to set the value of C#USD to a different value than C#Local for a USD entity?


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Loading USD in the Local is clearly not possible directly. (My understanding is that Local does not exist as such but it is a pointer to Currency). Your currency override using the flow dim was a good approach, but it does not solve your load USD to Local. And it can not be solved like this.

Would it be possible to add those value in a different UD8, like you would have U8#Local and U8#adjustment U8#revaluation with a top of that. 

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Thanks Nicolas.  That confirms what I suspected was going on. Yes, we can move some of these calcs over to datatyping dimension that we have already set up in the cube.