Revealing the query code behind a Method Query CertificationForWorkFlow

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Is there anyway to review the code behind a Method Query. In my example I am executing the "CertificationForWorkFlow" method query for many months and many scenarios, appending the resultant datatables and then performing a LINQ query to join the appended tables. After I am returning them to a grid object in a dashboard. Unfortunately I reach an upper limit when I ask for too many scenarios and quarters of time. Therefore I am interested in reviewing the code underlying the Method Query and modifying it in an effort to 1) not reinvent the wheel since the current Method Query returns to tables the data I want 2) see if a modifcation would perform better than looping through scenarios/time, appending the datatable records and then performing the join through LINQ. 

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Prebuilt methods are compiled-in and not modifiable, sorry. You can try asking on IdeaStream.

To be honest, if you're proficient with writing code, you can probably reimplement them from scratch without too much effort.

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It could just be semantics, I'm not clear on how you're managing the data in your situation...
What does it mean to "append" the DataTables?  Why are you using LINQ to join already "appended" DataTables?  Have you tried using DataTable.Merge( )?

What is the nature of the "upper limit" caused by too many Scenarios and Quarters? 

If it's memory, consider creating a custom table to stage your data.  This way there is no need to merge/append/join-with-LINQ.  Simply insert each DataTable into the custom table.  Then tie your GridVIew to the custom table.

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Thanks to you both for the boost. I reimplemented and set it to a new table. The dashboard presents it well and quickly.

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