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ServiceNow Integration

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Hi All,
We are at the point in our implementation where we are thinking about managing security and our userbase. We are going to have ~600 users as we are very decentralized with our financial management, and we currently have our SSO setup with SAML. We use ServiceNow internally for all things workflow/helpdesk related and were going to be building the workflow for user creation/modification and their roles. Knowing that OneStream also uses ServiceNow for their integration I am wondering if there’s any thing out there to automate certain things from ServiceNow, or if we can script a .xml file out of ServiceNow to our staging database and have that loaded to OneStream to make the changes.

If anyone has any ideas or experience I’d love to hear, as we are going to be having our OneStream system as an “in-scope” software from an audit perspective and want to have some tight controls around user management.



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Hi Jeff,
Glad to hear you’re moving forward - always nice to see a customer ref call come to fruition 



You may want to consider looking into the Finit tool, originally called RequestIt, that OS has since taken over which can manage security and master data. We use it for master data requests and workflows (request, approval, auto-commit and create in OS) and I know it was also built for security. Reach out to OS support to confirm but I believe it was going to be released mid-2021 as a marketplace tool.
Good luck and feel free to reach out if I can help!

Thanks Nicole! I know Jeremy had mentioned that to me because we we’re looking for something for the metadata changes, but I’ll to explore that for the security too.

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The MarketPlace solution that Nicole mentions has been rebranded as "Application Control Manager".

-C.T. Brinkman
Senior Director Pre-Sales Technical Solution Consulting