Show task progress dialog from BR

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Is it possible to show the task progress dialog (see picture below) of a DM task started in a BR.


Dim task As TaskActivityItem = BRApi.Utilities.ExecuteDataMgmtSequence(...)
' Do something with task to show dialog?


consolidate task progress.png

Or is there another way to consolidate from a BR, where it automatically shows the progress dialog?

Context: Button -> Dashboard Extender BR to change params -> DM sequence -> Consolidate. I need the Dashboard Extender API on same button press to change params, so can't call the DM/consol directly from button press.


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Hi Jasper

You can use this.

BRApi.TaskActivity.UpdateRunningTaskActivityAndCheckIfCanceled(si, args, StepInfo, percentCompleteToAdd as Decimal) 



Thanks, Omkareshwar
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I tried, there doesn't seem to be a way to use that API to show the dialog related to a certain task started from a a Dashboard Extender rule.

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This post says it's not possible.

But, I'm able to run that API through BRApi.TaskActivity (as Omkareshwar says in his reply). However, that API seems to only allow changing the percentage and description. Not show the dialog.

If that's the case, is there a way to use the `XFSelectionChangedTaskResult` API from an Extensibility rule?