Spreadsheet rules | Auto-Capturing User-Selected POV from OneStream to Excel

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Hello OneStream Community,

I'm seeking guidance on a functionality related to POV selection within the OneStream application and its transmission to Excel. Specifically, I'm curious if it's feasible to automatically capture the user's selected POV from OneStream and populate it into Excel cells using table views once the Excel application is initiated from OneStream.

In my current setup, I've created a custom cube view that allows users to select certain POV members. There is also a custom button that exports the cube view in Excel using spreadsheet rules. The goal now is to have the user-selected POV members auto-populate within Excel cells.

Has anyone implemented this functionality or does anyone know if this is possible? Any guidance or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hi manthangandhi - have you tried the Excel based Cube View Connections? It sounds a bit like you are trying to recreate that functionality.  It will allow you to display a cube view while still prompting (or utilizing) the parameters within the report.

If that is not what you're after, you could do a button that pops-up a window with all the dimensions in a specific order. Users could then copy these dimension members and paste them into Excel.  Its not fully automated, but might be satisfactory for your needs?

Cheers,     -db

Edit: ignore all of the above! I missed that you want the selections as part of a table view. Table Views can also be setup to prompt for user provided parameters.  You add the parameters to the SpreadsheetFunctionType.GetCustomSubstVarsInUse section, which can then be referenced in your queries. Reference: here

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@db_pdx i will try the approach mentioned in edit and get back. thanks

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@manthangandhi  - try using the CV Connections or you can also integrate Dashboard in Quick View same as CV. You can define the Parameters in the CV or Dashboard and it will be visible when you run in the Quick View.