Unable to use BRApi.Database.LookupRowFieldValue in Spreadsheet BR

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Hi all.

We have a spreadsheet rule that needs to pull a value from another database table.

The lookup runs successfully in an existing Dashboard Extender, and I was initially requesting the amount by calling the Extender from the spreadsheet rule, but that only ever returned the default value, even though the lookup does have a valid value.

Because that failed to return a value, I tried making the call directly, as shown:
sOperational_Capacity = BRApi.Database.LookupRowFieldValue(si, "ExternalDB", "XFC_STEP3_DEV2_OperationalCapacity", objDbwheres, "Operational_Capacity", 9876).XFConvertToDecimalLocal

NB: The 9876 is just a default value that is different to zero, so that I recognise it, and we use the ConvertToDecimalLocal to deal with French culture users.

Basically, when I run the call from the spreadsheet rule (either directly or by calling the Extender rule), I receive the default value every time.

This same code runs perfectly from the Extender BR, returning the correct value.

I have also checked the values of the objDbwheres and they are spot on, and return the correct value when used in the Extender rule.


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Try doing that lookup explicitly, see if it raises any error. If you don't know how, look at this solution, particularly the section where we open the connection and execute a query. I would also check the rights of your user; depending on the connection configuration in server properties, they might not be able to query it.