WorkFlow Event Handler that when workflow is locked kicks off stored Procedure

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Im trying to create a workflow Event Handler that kicks off when lets say a period is locked April 2023 will then kick off a stored procedure that copies data from a table leveraging the wtk of the locked period.  


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... and?

This is fairly straightforward; if you could elaborate a bit on what difficulty you're encountering, I'm sure that someone would be able to help.

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@AndoAssuming that you want to trigger a procedure as soon as you click on Lock Workflow

    1. Create a Workflow Event Handler that will trigger copy leveraging the wtk of the locked period.


Namespace OneStream.BusinessRule.WorkflowEventHandler.WorkflowEventHandler
	Public Class MainClass
		Public Function Main(ByVal si As SessionInfo, ByVal globals As BRGlobals, ByVal api As Object, ByVal args As WorkflowEventHandlerArgs) As Object
				Dim returnValue As Object = args.DefaultReturnValue
				args.UseReturnValueFromBusinessRule = False
				args.Cancel = False
				Select Case args.OperationName
				  Case Is = BREventOperationType.Workflow.WorkflowLock
					  If args.isBeforeEvent = True Then
						  Dim Mywf As WorkflowUnitClusterPk = DirectCast(args.Inputs(0), WorkflowUnitClusterPk)
						  Dim timeName As String = brapi.Finance.Time.GetNameFromId(si, Mywf.TimeKey)
					  End If 
				End Select 
				Return returnValue
			Catch ex As Exception
				Throw ErrorHandler.LogWrite(si, New XFException(si, ex))
			End Try
		End Function
	Sub CopyData(timeName As String)
			'Write your SQL query to copy data according to the time value 
	End Sub 	
	End Class
End Namespace



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