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Get the member list from a parameter in a spreadsheet BR

Hi all, I need to call this parameter to get the results in a member List of a BR:In this case, I would need to get a list with the values 6620 and 7610 in a Business rule of type spreadsheetPlease, could you help me with any function to call this pa...

dcadenas by New Contributor II
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Pulling level 2 parent while writing UD8 dynamic calc

Dear community, we have requirement of pulling level 2 parent for a member in writing UD8 Dynamic calc, do we have any method of pulling it in writing business rule. Any solution to this will be very helpful and appreciated.

Ranvir06 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Entity Security using extender rule

Hi - Has anyone created entity readdatagroup using the below function Dim objGroup As Group = Group.CreateEntityReadDataGroup() Any help would be appreciated

Kris by Contributor III
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Business Rule with Time Interval Control

Hi there,I'm seeking assistance with a specific requirement. I need a business rule to operate as follows: upon initial execution, it should function normally. However, if a user attempts to run it again, there should be a designated wait time before...

nealy by New Contributor
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