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[howto] Use "Insert Code" when posting on Forum boards

Hey guys! Just a reminder: if you're going to post code in this forum, please make it easier to read by using the "Insert/Edit Code Sample" button on the expanded formatting toolbar. Here's a short video showing how it works. If you need to edit code...

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JackLacava by Community Manager
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Move file from File Explorer to File Share

I need to create a business rule that will move a file from a user's folder in File Explorer to the server's File Share. I am using the BRApi.FileSystem.GetFile method to successfully read the file, but I am unable to write the file to the server. I ...

jrodgers by New Contributor II
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Unable to extract cube view data

I am trying to extract a static cube view data but getting an error. The CubeView has all static members except the time dimension |WFTime| but I made it static in my code just to be sure. To begin with I only need the data table. But I am getting be...

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ramittal by New Contributor
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Resolved! Unable to log data buffer

Hi everyone, I'm having trouble logging a databuffer to the error log. I want to be able to do this to debug some code I've written. I got this concept from the Finance Rules and Calculation Handbook so I believe it's possible but I can't get it to w...

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How to remove and sort an account group ascending

Hello, If anyone needs to sort a specific account group by ascending. This is the codes it worked. Sub RemoveandSortAccounts(ByVal si As SessionInfo, ByVal globals As BRGlobals, ByVal api As Object, ByVal args As DashboardExtenderArgs) Dim ParentGrou...

Resolved! Batch posting of journals

Hi All, I would like to execute a batch posting of all unposted journals in all base workflow profiles. Is there a way I can execute the posting via business rule? Thank you in advance.

cons1 by New Contributor III
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