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Resolved! Retrieve member name

Hi all,I'm bit new in developing rules in one stream and I have a simple question.I'm trying to retrieve the accountId member name from a member formula on the account itself.I'm using the below code but it seems api.Pov.Account.Name is not working, ...

MStucchi by New Contributor
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Error in business rule

Hi,Can anybody help with this error? what we need to check for this in business rule.

Sw by New Contributor
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Resolved! Updating scenario member through an extensibility rule

Hi All,Need some help in updating properties of scenario member through an extensibility rule.'Workflow TimescenarioProperties.WorkflowTime.SetStoredValue(BRApi.Finance.Members.GetMemberId(si, DimType.Time.Id, objUtil.GetCycleFirstQuarter(si, api))) ...

Resolved! Adding member relationship via Extender Rule

Hello,Please share a reference for adding a relationship between dimension members via Extender rule. I am trying to add new members via Extender rule, the member gets added as an Orphan. I have tried using SaveRelationshipInfo by passing Parent Memb...