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Change value of a "input value" parameter type

Hi ! I'm looking for a way to change a value of an input value parameter type using a business rule. The use case is quite simple : the user will input a value in order to calculate a data. However, using a button I would like to "reset" the input va...

Sergey by Contributor
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Filter datacell on UD dimension

Hi, I have an existing extensibility rule which copy some data from a source scenario/period to a target scenario/period. This is the "core" of the codeDim listDriversDataCellExFilterdForDriversTarget As New List(Of DatacellEx)For Each itemDataCellEx...

Afone by New Contributor III
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Update Dimensions using a rule

Hi all We have a process where we update dimensions and their children on a regular basis. This means we need to delete the relationships between parents and children and then reload the new updated dimensions...etc. This takes a very long time, beca...

Nou by New Contributor III
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