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[howto] Use "Insert Code" when posting on Forum boards

Hey guys! Just a reminder: if you're going to post code in this forum, please make it easier to read by using the "Insert/Edit Code Sample" button on the expanded formatting toolbar. Here's a short video showing how it works. If you need to edit code...

tmp.png 1c_code.gif
JackLacava by Honored Contributor
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Bulk Load DataTable into External Database Table

I call a data adapter and store results in DataTable in below snippets. How can I bulk load OneStream data in this DataTable to external database table? External database connection is ready and working in below method. Using dbConnApp As DbConnInfo ...

Bella_Yu by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Extract detailed user info with business rule

Hi, For user maintenance purposes we'd like to extract information like user email address etc, using business rules. I've tried using BRApi.Security.Admin.* but that only seems to support extracting a few of the fields, like name, status and text fi...

JohannJ by New Contributor
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Resolved! Call Data Adapter in BR and Store Results in External Database Table

I would like to export data from existing OneStream dashboard and load it into external database table. I did some research and below is a draft business rule written in Visual Basic. What it does is to call data adapter and store the results. Next s...

Bella_Yu by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Memberlist based on Datatable returns nothing

Hi guru's I have created some memberlist logic which should retrieve a list of entities from a datatable. So far so good, the code seems to work (logging returns my expected entities) but the return function doesn't do anything... Looks like I'm miss...

JoBo by New Contributor
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Resolved! Dashboard Extender BR - Get data cell value

I am working with a Dashboard Extender BR and need to get the value of a cell. In another section of the code I am able to get the value of a cell in the V#Annotation but have not been able to figure out how to get the cell value of the V#Periodic. A...