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Automate consolidation of constant rate scenarios

We would like the ability to auto consolidate 2 other constant ex rate scenarios once we have consolidated the main Actual scenario. We want to retain the ability to consolidate the main Actual scenario in isolation also i.e. we don't want to consol ...

bert by New Contributor
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Resolved! OneStream .Net Platform Language

Was the OneStream product itself built using VB.Net?If so, I'm pretty impressed!!If it was built using C#, I'm wondering why customers are then forced to use VB.Net for business rules? It seems like a double standard. Is there a licensing reason why ...

dbeavon by New Contributor III
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Connect to Task Scheduler Table without BRApi

Is it possible to build a Business Rule (Dashboard Extender) that connects to and updates the Task Scheduler Table without the use of a BRApi? Our team is currently connecting to the table using BRApi.Database.ExecuteActionQuery. This function allows...

Resolved! Destination Data Units

I am passing 2 Entities in the Data unit for Calculation as Entity is different in both the destinations So what i was expecting is that it will run as a for each loop with both the entities so it will pick enitity1 and then run the Calc and then eni...