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Slope, Correll and Intercept Functions

Is it possible to calculate slope, Correll and Intercept for a given factors vary by 12 periods using OS Finance Rules? If so, what are the libraries, I need to Import? Appreciate any suggestions how I can implement this in OS.

vmanojrc30 by New Contributor II
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Custom Member List Sort with POV Input

Hihi, I am using a variant of the GolfStream finance business rule "XFR_MemberListAlphabetical" and need to pass an additional variable into the rule. For a Finance rule, is it possible for a CV or QV to pass the MF variable to the rule? Currently, t...

Johnny by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Intercompany Entity Description

I don't know much about method queries, so I'm hoping to get some feedback on how to build off of or reference the data tables as well as where these tables are stored. The ICMatchingForWorkflowUnitMultiPlug method type used in the Intercompany Match...

sdayringer by New Contributor III
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Recycle App Servers

Curious if anybody knows how to accomplish something I am trying to do. We have a few DM jobs that are pretty intensive that we run over night and once that job runs it seems like the server it ran on gets bogged down and eventually that server turns...

Jchapple by New Contributor
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