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Resolved! BR to refresh application

Hi,I have a process that would be run at the month end to lock the workflow. Once the workflow is locked, you need to refresh the application to see the lock icon on the period in the workflow. The icon doesn't change until you hit the refresh button...

Delete Multiple Members using Extender Rule

All - The below extender rule will be able to delete multiple member from Parent Hierarchy. 1. Provide the Dimension Name & Top Parent Name in the Hierarchy - See highlighted in Red.2. I want to make a point here the While Count > 3 because the it ta...

KrishnaS by Contributor
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WF POV within a member list

HiI'm trying to get the current pov - cube and entity - within a member list (i'm using for selection as drop-down).Unfortunately the is in this case not returning the wf pov, but the cube pov.The args.SubstVarSourceInfo.WFCubeRoo...

Resolved! Where Text Field is not Blank

Hello,I am trying to write a rule where I get the base of Net Income where the Text 2 field is not blank. Does anyone know the syntax to indicate blank? A#NET_INCOME.Base.Where(Text2 <> ????) Thanks!

lp by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Can you add records to a table via an Excel Table View?

Hi everyone,I am trying to add records to a table via an Excel Table View. Using the example in the Table Views documentation, I am able to update existing records; however, any new records added are cleared once I submit the sheet. Is there addition...

molly_lvc by New Contributor II
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