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Resolved! How to get the Name of a Cube View in Cube View Extender Rule?

Based on the XML, it looks like I need a reference to the OneStream.Shared.Wcf.CubeViewItem object that contains the CubeView. The CubeView object doesn't seem to have a property for it's Name.Does anyone know how to get the name of the Cube View cur...

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Writing Annotation data in a Finance Rule (like SetDataBuffer)

Is there a way, in a member formula or Finance BR, to write annotation data back to the database in bulk?In OneStream rule writing, it's best practice to limit the number of times you are writing data back to the database (ideally only one SetDataBuf...

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Data Buffer FilterMembers() with Empty Cells

Does the api.Data.GetDataBufferUsingFormula("FilterMembers(...)") only get cells that have values? Is there a way to create a data buffer with empty cells? Use case: We need to to cycle through an account hierarchy and populate each base account with...