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Flip sign in complex expression

Hi all, is there a way a flip sign can be applied to a mask account mapping that contains a complex expression? See screenshot below (partly), the customer created nearly 4000 lines of code in here.

Rob by New Contributor
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Resolved! Data Buffer in Stored Calc is not working during Condolidation

Hi All - I am trying to copy Base accounts from Actual to Plan Scenario but it is not working when I try to consolidate but it is working when I perform force consolidate. Below is the code and any help would be appreciated. If ((Not api.Entity.HasCh...

KrishnaS by New Contributor III
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Dashboard - How to pass a condition within a label component?

I'm trying to build a label that shows target goals for each entity. Now since each region has different goals. I'm looking for my label to change the value based on the entity selected. Here is an example (We're still in development so not the most ...

Mustafa_A_0-1650546301458.png Mustafa_A_0-1650547240732.png
Mustafa_A by Contributor II
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Resolved! Opening balance calculation on OwnerPostAdj

Hi experts,The business users had posted some retained earnings adjustments to both base and parent entities at OwnerPostAdj consolidation level.I have a very simple opening balance rule that works across all entities and consolidation levels:api.Dat...

SC by New Contributor II
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