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Sibling Repeat Calculation Pass

Hi All, I am trying to solve for a circular calculation pass with allocations. I am using the equity pick up functionality on the entity properties. It wasn't behaving for me. In reading the Design and Reference Guide I see is says " When writing for...

Greg_S by New Contributor II
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Send Email With File Saved in Application Database

Hello, Is it possible to create a business rule that sends an email with an attachment where the file that is being attached is saved in the application database rather than the file share?

dan by New Contributor
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Resolved! Consolidation with cascade entity structure

Hi, We have a cascade entity structure, where one of the sub-elements consolidates up to a certain period, and after that period the other begins to consolidate. Entity A1 has an investment in Entity B11. Consolidating 2019M12, the application calcul...

SaraB by New Contributor II
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sign flip in complex expression

When loading data, all of our accounts from source match the names of the account in OneStream so we've always used a *:* rule for the account maps. However, we have a new dataset coming in and we need to flip the sign for those accounts that are of ...

photon by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Direct Load Automation

Hello Everyone,We have been using ExecuteFileHarvestBatch to automate our Data Loads. However I could not make it work for Direct Load profiles.Is anyone aware if we have api support to automate Direct Loads?

hiren by New Contributor III
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