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More info on ExtractDashboardsXml

Hello Team,I am trying to extract Dashboard specific items using the ExtractDashboardsXml.I can only make it work when I use the Options ExtractAllItems = True.I am running OS 7.4.2I can not find any information on this formula. I would like to have ...

multiply 2 cell value

Hi,I need to create an account to calculate two values multiply together.I had set formulapass2 and set the formula as below:api.Data.ClearCalculatedData("A#COG762D:U1#None",True,True,True)"A#COG762D:U1#None = A#COG931:U1#ALLDEPT *...

Resolved! xmldata parameter

Good afternoonI'm writing an extender rule to move some files within the application database file system and am using the following line of codeDim xffProcessData As New XFFile(xfiTargetDataInfo, String.Empty, xfeSource.XFFile.ContentFileBytes)I've ...

Resolved! Get stored value of Entity Relationship property

I am trying to get a stored value in Text1 from an Entity relationship:This is the code that at least does not give me an error when it executes but it does not return the Text1 value.Dim myScenarioID As Integer = brapi.Finance.Members.GetMemberId(si...

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