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Resolved! How to get Base Members of UD Dimension into a Variable

Could you please provide a sample script with example to Generate the base mambers of UD2 dimension into a Variable.I'm trying to follow the below syntax, but it's not working for UD DimensionsDim baseMembers As List(Of Member) = api.Members.GetBaseM...

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Resolved! Refresh a dashboard from a Business rule

We have a dashboard with a button that displays a dialog for user entry. The base dashboard has a cubeview that needs to refresh based on the values modified via BRApi.Finance.Data.SetDataCellsUsingMemberScript() calls. We are using a XFSelectionChan...

Resolved! Parallel Imports

Hello OS experts,I have BR that load P&L bucket and one BR that loads my BS bucket. I have DM sequence which load P&L,BS and then does consolidation etc. I want to know if I am able to write new BR or something I can do in DM to load P&L and BS data ...