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[howto] Use "Insert Code" when posting on Forum boards

Hey guys! Just a reminder: if you're going to post code in this forum, please make it easier to read by using the "Insert/Edit Code Sample" button on the expanded formatting toolbar. Here's a short video showing how it works. If you need to edit code...

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JackLacava by Community Manager
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Resolved! Rule Rules - ONLY write rules when necessary.

Rules TIP - ONLY write / use Rules when necessary. OneStream projects should not be a contest to see who is better at writing complex rules. If you must write rules please remember: Unless specified, the calculation will run on Base Entities AND each...

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cbriscoe by New Contributor III
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A = 50% allocated to B , 40% to C, -90% to A What will be the best approach to allocate data between entities? Also, If you have a code snippet for data buffer that will be helpful. 1. Data Buffer 2. ADC

OS_Pizza by Contributor III
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Resolved! SQL Table Insert Not adding all Records

HI All, I'm running into an issue when running a Finance Business Rule, essentially this rule creates a data buffer and loops through where U8 member is not 0. From here we have a SQL statement where we're inserting these dimensions and the Business ...

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Kneelay by New Contributor II
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Why is there no "View" dimension in Data Buffer ?

Dear community, I am working on some Data Buffer and I noticed something : As you can see (if it's not too small ...), the Data Buffer is not taking into consideration the data units (that makes sense) and not the View dimension either. However, the ...

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Sergey by Contributor III
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