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Finance Rules

Hi Community, Do we have a method for adding Finance Business Rule for Cube view Report.Any solution to this would be very helpful and appreciated.Thank you.

Resolved! Hardcode value in column when loading CSV

Hello,Im wondering if there is a way to hardcode a fieldtoken value when loading data from a csv. For example, I am using the below code:Dim fieldTokens As New List(Of String)fieldTokens.Add("xfText#:[Account]")fieldTokens.Add("xfText#:[Entity]")fiel...

Resolved! Best FileShare folder to use to import and delete csv files

Hi,I have created a dashboard extender business rule that picks some CSV files from a server, save them in the File Share, extract some info from the file, then delete them.The issue I am having is to find the right folder to use to import and then d...

AndreaF by Contributor II
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Resolved! Broadcast message

Hi, Is it possible to pop up a message to all the active users of an application through a business rule? When the data load starts, we want to pop up a message that the process as started. Ragav.

rrajasekar by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Move data between scenarios - Slice data files on UD in export job

Hey,So I have built a flow to push data from one scenario to another by pressing a dashboard button which start a data management job that execute a extender business rule.The extender business rule is executing import, validate and load with the fil...

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