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RESTAPI from HCM Cloud

Hi - I have created a routine in Connector Rule to fetch the Worker data from HCM and I was able to assign it to a variables and able to print it successfully. My question is below 1. How I can assign the variables to the List because I am trying to ...

Kris by Contributor III
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Convert Essbase @SUMRANGE

Hi OS gurus. Hoping to get a little help on converting a Hyperion line of codethat is using SUMRANGE to OneStream. Here is the Essbase line I am trying to convert: IF(@ISMBR("Assoc Ex Elim"))@SUMRANGE("Cash - Asset",@CHILDREN("Assoc Ex Elim"));ENDIF ...

dbarkhol by New Contributor
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Filter a Dynamic Calculation

Hi All, I'm looking to filter a dynamic calculation by the base of my income statement and balance sheet accounts. The result of this dynamic calc will be leveraged within a confirmation rule. Do you have any suggestion on how to effectively filter t...

Intercompany Eliminations - not at First Common Parent

Customer has intercompany transactions in local currency. They want to eliminate sales and cost of sales and have the remaining margin (in local currency) at the Sales entity - not in an elimination entity - and be able to view in local currency. For...

DOC_89 by New Contributor II
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Rules Formatting - Please Format Your Rules!!

General Formatting One of the most important things you can do, to make you rules readable and helpful, is making sure they are properly formatted. There are some simple rules you should probably follow all the time: Proper Case – Function names are ...