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Data Buffer FilterMembers() with Empty Cells

Does the api.Data.GetDataBufferUsingFormula("FilterMembers(...)") only get cells that have values? Is there a way to create a data buffer with empty cells? Use case: We need to to cycle through an account hierarchy and populate each base account with...

Resolved! Create Excel spreadsheet from Business Rules

Does anyone know if you can create an Excel spreadsheet from Business Rules? I do not mean a csv file - I need to create multiple sheets. The OpenXMLBuilder object doesn't seem to have anything with writing files. I don't want to use a third-party ob...

MarcusH by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Filter Result DataBuffer based on value in secondary Source Buffer

Hello Experts, I have a requirement of calculating Cash_ADJ based a sum value of 2 different buffers. If the sum value is Positive I have to post a cash_adj with value from bufSrc2. Is it possible to filter Buffer 1 and write corresponding buffer 2 v...

mpavan by New Contributor II
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Customize the calculation pop-up ?

Hello, When I execute a Data management sequence or a custom finance function, I have this pop-up that will be shown to the user : Are there any ways to customize what will be shown to the user in this pop-up ? For instance, I want to customize the m...

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Sergey by Contributor II
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