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[howto] Use "Insert Code" when posting on Forum boards

Hey guys! Just a reminder: if you're going to post code in this forum, please make it easier to read by using the "Insert/Edit Code Sample" button on the expanded formatting toolbar. Here's a short video showing how it works. If you need to edit code...

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Resolved! Parameter for SQL

When I have a BR, and need to pull in a parameter, I use the following statement or one similar, I create the parameter in a Dashboard. 'Dim scenario As String = BRApi.Dashboards.Parameters.GetLiteralParameterValue(si, False, "Forecast_Scenario") How...

Tom by New Contributor II
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Resolved! SQL Query to External Table

I tested the following SQL in a data adapter, accessing a external table Select * FROM Table WHERE "Cost Center" = 'CC_11111111' ; Data returned here, data adapter worked fine. I am using a Business Rule, and can’t seem to get the BR to work if there...

Tom by New Contributor II
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Pass Results from Business Rule into UD8 Formula

Hi - I have a dashboard XFBR business rule that calculates totals for members with a specific text value in a cube view. The rule is working as designed, and I have a couple GetDataCell functions in separate columns that reference these totals. Howev...

benmac360 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Monthly and Quarterly percentage

hi Experts, i've a member formula (stored calc) to calculate %. My scenario type is periodic. i'm calculating % for various P&L accounts. M1,M2 and M3 %s is correct but for quarter, system is adding M1%, m2% and m3% which is not right. i want to writ...

prash4030 by New Contributor III
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