v7.4 - Reference to Extender BR from Dashboard Assembly


Mocking up a Prototype using the new Assembly feature in 7.4, I would like to be able to reference an Extender Business Rule within a Dashboard Assembly file. The scenario is, that I have a custom class (POCRunner) in an Extender file, and want to be able to call functions on that class object, when hitting a button in a Dashboard. I can't seem to find the right combination of assembly name and/or dependencies. The argument to have the custom class in an Extender, is also to be able to utilize a Data Management Sequence to trigger a job, calling the POCRunner class.


Otherwise open for any other suggestion / approach.



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As far as I know you cannot call a custom class directly from a dashboard component.
I generally use the DashboardExtender MainClass strictly as a marshall for the instantiation and management of other purpose built objects.  I don't think Dashboard Assemblies are ready for prime time.  This code compiles and works as a traditional Dashboard Extender (with appropriate namespace) but will not run as an assembly:










Thanks Robb - I'm with you on the suggested solution. Custom build classes can also sit in their own separate "non-dashboard" file type to make it even more "Visual Studio"'ish experience:


But, I'm still missing a way to reference the Dashboard Assembly from an normal Extender BR, to be able to run a Data Management Step that calls "some custom code" in my Dashboard Assembly?



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Did you get an answer on how to reference the assembly within the dashboard?  I have tried a few things but nothing seems to call the Assembly  within the Dashboard ...still can only ref the biz rule outside of the Dashboard

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@mjordan you can call the assembly and have it run, e.g. like from a button Server Task as shown above.  It runs just like any other Dashboard Extender.  

There does not seem to be a (published) way to reference a dashboard assembly from Business Rules objects. Like you I've tried to get to work, to no avail.