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What is a Native User?

New Contributor

We are preparing for our UAT period and user access controls will be a part of the testing.  I can see in the User Security reports that we have 2 native users.  When click on Native Users to pull up the list, there is only one name listed.  Why is there only 1 name listed?  Also, I am looking for a description of what a Native User is - Design guide really does not explain it in a manner that I can provide that to the auditors and not get more questions back.  I believe that the Installation guide may have some additional information but I cannot search that document online and it is not available for download (PDF file is not offered in the search result).  System and Configuration as well as Academy has nothing on this topic.  Thanks!



Hi Sara,

I think you only see 1 as the one hidden is Administrator, which is the pre-built Native one.
Now you can have Native user that log in using Native Authentication : in other words, simple ID and Password stored directly in OneStream.
Or you can have Non-Native user that log in using SSO like Oktha, Azure, which case the password is not stored in OS but in the cloud.
Hope it helps.

Please give a kudo below if it does 🙂