Clear data using level 1 data unit (rather than level 2) on data load

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Hi all

I was wondering if it is possible to override the default 'clear and load' settings on a data load step from 'Level 2: Workflow Data Unit' to 'Level 1: Cube Data Unit'


Just to give a bit of context:

We perform a data copy from a Budget scenario (using Data Management Sequence) to a Forecast scenario to provide a starting data position for divisions to use when they capture their forecast data.

Once the data copy is complete, the process for divisions to update their forecasts is to extract an Excel Fixed File Template on which they will make their changes and additions over the copied Budget data, and then to import that file via their Workflow to the cube. 

However, when wanting to remove an account for instance, the only way to do so it to load zeros to that account. This is because the load clears by account and not entity. Is it possible to change the load so that it deletes all accounts?




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The users can clear the data from the cube before loading. See here for more info:

If you don't want the users to do that I would guess that you could use a Workflow EventHandler on the ClearAllInputDataFromCube event (write a script to clear all data from Level1 in the After event?). See this excellent blog post for more info:

@MarcusH thanks for this,  I think it is exactly what we need!

It's not quite as simple as the first option 'Clear All Import/Forms Data from Cube' because we have got seeded data in the scenario that we don't want to clear out.

But I'll look into the workflow event handler query and get back to you.

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@MarkBird  - You can WF event Handler, or you can also use the finance business rule before copying the data into the Forecast.