Confirmation rules check

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Is there any check that we can put in the WF confirmation step to check the if the data that was loaded through import was actually validated?

I have configured the confirmation rules group which will show error/warning based on the threshold amount for the v_ Accounts.

But if the data is not loaded to the cube, the variance accounts would still have zero balance, so the confirmations rules are still green as its technically within the threshold amount. Need to check if there is a way to not allow the users run the confirmation rules at all without passing the complete Import-Validate- Load sequence.


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Hi @OS_Love I think the best way to go about this would be to setup your Import Workflow as such:


Your Process event step will need a Workflow Calculation Definition.  Depending on the size of your Data Units, you could consider doing a Force Consolidate action on the Process event that will calculate and consolidate up to your Parent Entity.  The Process event of a Force Consolidate will run business rules assigned to your Cube and member formulas (where you likely have your allocation calcs).  The Confirmation rule(s) would contain the math and condition checks you need to validate.  Confirmation rules are intended to run against Cube data, so that is why OneStream has the Workflow name and sequence in this order of operations.

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