Creating an excel import for a roll foward

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Hi! New to the community. I have a user that has to manage 10 or so entities and it rollforwards. He need to click on each entity to enter in the data. do you know if there is way to set up an excel import for a rollforward activity where i can put the rollfoward activity pieces down a column the entities across the top and then import that entire spreadsheet?


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Hey CMikes,

If you're looking to save data from Excel into OneStream, I would consider using the XFSetCell function and your user can write directly back to the cube without having to setup an Import process. 


Hey Mikes,

To answer your question, yes you can setup a excel form to enter and the load all the data to the different entities at once if you wanted to. I would also question the setup a little bit for example: Is the user in one workflow? Are there a lot of users that have the same issue? Another option would be to just rework a different roll forward form layout for him if it is a one off or if there are more than one user having this issue you could always use the assigned entities to the workflow to change all of the layouts to make it easier on your users.