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Hello All, 

I have a cube view in which i am using on the Row Level a GetDataCell Function, example GetDataCell(Account1+ Account2): Name (Trade). on the column level i have a Comment using the V#Annotation:Name(Comments). however, on the GetDataCell the Comment is highlighted in Green. is there a way to be able to allow the user to write a comment on row that contains a GetDataCell function? 


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You could use a row override for the column as you'll need to specify an account where the comment will be held. It's like a home address - if you're missing part of it (in your case, account), then OS doesn't know where it needs to store the comment (or data, for that matter).


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I tried it, it doesn't work. the Cell for the Comment stays in Green. (Read Only)

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Is there a specific reason why you are using a GetDataCell in the Row level vs. creating a Dynamic Calc Account member to use in the Row level?  If you create a Dynamic Calc Account, you could set the Account Type to Dynamic Calc and Formula Type to DynamicCalcTextInput to allow commentary.  Write the GetDataCell formula as Return api.Data.GetDataCell("A#Account1 + A#Account2")








Hello Toni, 

I am using a Row Template Cube , the purpose of the cube is for Analytical reporting whereby i just want the users to input some comments over a Caption for Combined Accounts . As if i am calculating a total and asking the user to explain the variance between two periods. Thats why i just wanted to be in the CV . moreover i have multiple Merged Captions  in the report as well .