Derived data on base and parent level entities

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Dear community, 

We are now helping a client to set up a data management sequence to copy six months (T#YearM1-M6) of Actual data to Forecast. And user can start entering figures for Forecast M7-12.

In Actual, data is loaded in YTD.

The copy data step works, and we can see the correct consolidated data until M6.

While in M7, we see data that should not be the case. 

When we checked the data on all the Base level entities, it showed derived data. All the other dimensions are also at the base level. And the view is Periodic.



However, when we look at the Parent level entity, all the other dimensions remain on the base level and view in Periodic. The cell status shows it is "Real Data." 




Below is the setting for the Forecast scenario.



Can someone provide an explanation for such behavior in OneStream?

Please note that we did not consolidate M7 after the data copy, and the Forecast scenario had no data. 


Any suggestion is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!




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I'm going out on a limb here, but it could be a function of the Retain Next Period Data, which can be a bit surprising; adjustments already posted in M7 at parent level; or some custom rule being funny.

I would try clearing any data for M7 with a one-off rule and looking at results. Then consolidating again M6 - if it appears again, chances are it's a rogue calculate somewhere.