Error - Cannot execute step because prior WF step is not complete


We have created a CubeView to enter Fcst data into it.  We have created WF's per region (UD4).  When I assign the entity to a WF, I get this error message.  When I remove the entity (not assigned to any WF's) I don't get the error message.  Is there a way to assign the Entity so I can have the Entity closed via certification and leverage it in the Calc Definitions.  In our world we have planners that have regions that are spread across different entities so we plan by region/UD4 and not Entity but I still want to leverage WF capabilities to close out updates via certification.  I thought the setting - 'Load Overlapping Siblings' but that did not work.

Result is that I don't have any entities assigned to any Fcst WF's.  Not ideal.





Are you using Workflow Channels yet? If not, from your post it sounds like that's what you want (i.e. different workflows by UD4): (I would skip the section "Pre-build Workflow Channels", read it at the end). Migrating an existing app to using Channels might require a bit of work though.

This said, that error might simply indicate that something else in the Workflow was executed before the Entity was assigned. It might be enough to Reset the Scenario, assign the Entity, then re-do the steps. But I suspect you'll be happier with Channels in the long run.

I will take a look at the documentation and think about your other suggestion.  Thanks for pointing me in a direction.