Invalid Intersections and Task Activity Status


I have a DM job that imports data using WF.Even though there are intersection validation errors in the WF,Task activity status of the "Validate Intersection" task shows completed. It moves on to importing next period even with errors.

Is this expected behavior and is there a setting to show intersection validation failures in Task activity status?



Community Manager
Community Manager

You will have to post the configuration and/or code you're using in the import job, so that we can see what the problem could be.

Below is the code I have in my Extender Rule before calling the BatchFileHarvest function and it is a Direct Load WF.Other than that I am not aware of any configs related to this.Let me know if you are specifically looking for some setting and I can check that

'Set Processing Switches
Dim valTransform As Boolean = True
Dim valIntersect As Boolean = True
Dim loadCube As Boolean = True
Dim processCube As Boolean = False
Dim confirm As Boolean = False
Dim autoCertify As Boolean = False