Journal Entry Attachment Records/Audit

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Hi All,

We have a client who is concerned about users being able to delete and reload journal entry attachments. From what I can see there is no audit record of this, the items show up in the ‘Attachment’ table when posted but once deleted there is no record of this being deleted. From what I can tell there isn’t a separate audit table associated with this.

Does anyone know if there is way to prevent users from being able to delete an attachment or a way to provide an audit of items that were changed?

I also was trying to find where attachments for Journals get stored to see if changing security on a folder was possible (maybe the only record is the table itself and this isn’t an option).

Another idea was an event handler but it doesn’t seem like deleting an attachment is considered an event.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!




I am not aware of an audit table for these attachments. However users will be unable to delete the journal attachments once the "Input Journals" task is completed.

The WCF Event Handler does actually capture an operation for "SaveAttachment" & "DeleteAttachment" so i suppose you could do something there. But i generally try to avoid using the WCF event handlers where possible as they can impact quite widely, likely anywhere the attachments are used. I'm not sure whether it will actually let you cancel the save/delete operation as I've never tested it but i suppose you could do an audit log of your own.

Maybe someone else will have some other thoughts on how you can approach this without using the WCF Event Handler.

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Hi KarIT

You are correct, users will be unable to delete the journal attachments once the "Input Journals" task is completed.


I would only use rules when necessary, such as WCF Event Handle .