Managing Prepaid Expenses & Amortizations

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How are you managing prepaid expenses and amortizations in OneStream (OS)?  Prior to OS, we were using Blackline, this tool had prepaid amortization templates that let us easily establish a monthly schedule of expenses. It contained an auto roll-forward schedule, and the system automatically amortizes over future periods.  This same feature doesn't exist in OS, and I'd love to hear how your company is processing these transactions.  Thank you!


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Hi, this sounds like something that can be set up using Reporting Compliance (TCR) from the OneStream Marketplace. This is a register solution that allows you to enter the prepaid expense and the associated amortization schedule. This will then carry forward the register entries and let you post the amortized amounts into the cube.

This is one possible option, other approaches may include custom tables instead of the marketplace register, or calculations in the cube. My personal preference is a register based solution (marketplace or custom table) as this provides greater transparency (in my view).

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