Member filter - exclude members from the hierarchy in DM export

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Hey all,

So we have built a data seedning between cubes for Predictive 1 2 3 and are using DataManagement data exports via Data mgmt export sequence to our input workflow profile.

We have a hierarchy of maybe 100 member where we want to seed the parent member only (the total) excluding 5 accounts in oreder to make the transformation rules as friendly as possible. 

Are there any way in a member filter in the DM data export to exclude members from the hierarchy? I have tried .remove etc with no luck.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi - You can use BRString/XFBR rules where you can write a custom logic to get the desired values and use them in the DM step. 

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a#SomeAccount.Descendants.Where(Name DoesNotContain acct1 and Name DoesNotContain acct2 and Name DoesNotContain acct3 and Name DoesNotContain acct4 and Name DoesNotContain acct5)

Personally I would skip this awkwardness and use a LINQ expression in an XFBR.  If you decide to do that, post your code where this list of members is being queried. I can help you with the LINQ part.

WRT the Member Script expression, it would be easier if there were something like
'Where IsNotIn(Acct1,acct,acct3,acct4,acct5)' 
There probably is, and just not documented where I'm looking.