Moving from an import process of loading .csv files over to a direct connector

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The client that I am working with is moving from an import process consisting of loading .csv files over to a direct connector. The issue is that in the periods where .csv files were loaded, one UD was manually adjusted in the import file, and currently this allocation is not existing in the source system.


As an example, there is account 5000 with a total of 100$ which is spread across UD1 as following (in the .csv file):

A#5000:U1#A = 20$

A#5000:U1#B = 30$

A#5000:U1#C = 50$

In the connector this is mapped to None, A#5000:U1#None = 100$. The client wants to keep the allocation of UD1 for the rest of the year, and continue with the YTD balance allocated across UD1 members, even after starting to import from the connector.

My initial solution is the following. Let's say that from Jan - May they loaded .csv files and in June they start using the connector. In June, the data will load as YTD, but to UD1 None. I will have to make a reclass adjustment of UD1  from None to: May YTD balance with UD1 allocation + June activity =  get the June YTD balance containing the UD1 allocation. Is there any other solution to solve this? (as the allocation of UD1 is applied to 90% of the IS accounts, and that would mean a lenghty journal to be posted)





I'm not sure I understand the question, but it sounds like something you could solve with Derivative rules targeting the necessary intersections. You are not limited to allocating numbers once, with derivatives you can create new records. That, coupled with a sprinkle of code in Complex Expressions if you need to do custom calculations, will likely be able to accomodate anything you need.

You could do what Jack said, or since it is direct connect, why not ask the client to do it there? (assuming this is a SQL based pull) they can easily do that using case statements.